Monday, June 19, 2006

Take your time...

Something I have always been teased about is how long it takes me to eat. I maintain my argument that you cannot possibly enjoy a rushed meal, because eating slowly allows you to savour the taste of the food.
Unfortunately, I seem to get a lot of stomach aches and yesterday, my dad came up with a theory.
"The reason you always feel sick is because you take so long to eat that your stomach becomes full of air," he declared. Perhaps I eat a little too slow, but I have proof that wolfing down your meal is far worse.
About a week ago, I was eating my tuna mayonnaise baguette whilst chatting to my friends before an exam. I watched in disgust as one girl finished her baguette in three bites and sat waiting for 15 minutes for the rest of us to finish.
"How do you manage to eat so fast?" I asked her, amazed.
"I don't chew." Seeing my querying look, she added,
"What's the point in chewing when you've got hydrochloric acid in your stomach?"
I decided not to answer. Incidentally, when I asked her how she found the exam, she replied,
"I couldn't concentrate because I had such a bad stomach ache."
I rest my case.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Why O Why?

As you may have suspected from the note of despair in the title, my life is not very good at the moment. Having GCSEs is fine, about 3000 other people are having them too, and thousands more have already had them. But, how many of them were asked to describe themselves in their English exam? I had one hour to describe my looks, my personality, my emotions...Is it possible to sum yourself up in only two sides of writing?
I thought the whole point of having external examiners was to prevent bias. Having now described myself to the examiner, I am in deep trouble if they don't like the sound of me. However, I hardly think a piece of writing for 27 marks can do justice to anyone, no matter how boring or mundane they are. Sometimes, I wonder if the examiners actually think about the questions when they set them.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Exams never end...

Oh dear. The truth is gradually sinking in. My GCSEs begin in TWO DAYS!!! I have seven exams next week, and six more the following week. As they get closer, the feeling of dread inside me grows. The strange dreams have started and I find myself waking up drenched in sweat because I haven't really turned up to my maths exam in pyjamas. I have finally come up with a good explanation for my feelings. It's like being on a ride at Alton Towers; you're going up and up and up...and you know that drop is going to come eventually, but you don't know when and how hard it will be. You just want it to be over. At the moment, I'm on the way up- I just hope the inevitable drop is more Squirrel Nutty Ride than Oblivion.

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