Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seeing double

Around 2 o clock in the afternoon on Tuesday I was sitting in town with my sister eating lunch. Opposite us, a man in his mid-30s was trying to sell The Big Issue to passers-by. Suddenly, he caught my eye, which was practically an invitation for him to try and sell us a copy. Sure enough, he began walking over towards us. My sister and I turned to face him as he approached.

'Well, look at you guys,' he said, smiling. My sister and I exchanged somewhat bewildered glances.

'You look like twins,' he continued cheerfully. 'Both wearing the same trousers, eating the same lunch, both wearing glasses- you look identical! I thought I was seeing double for a moment!' And with that, he sauntered off. My sister and I dissolved into laughter, but it wasn't until afterwards that the really strange thing about this incident hit me. He hadn't tried to sell us The Big Issue.