Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's back...

The nation is once more being treated to a dose of Sir Alan Sugar's blunt, yet hilarious manner of finding an apprentice. Ever since watching 16 hapless hopefuls trying to flog fruit two years ago, my sister and I have been hooked on The Apprentice. Now it's back and looks set to be another exciting series.
Wednesday evening at 9 pm found us glued to our seats eagerly awaiting the first episode- and we were not to be disappointed. From the moment we were introduced to 'the best saleswoman in Europe' and the man whose tools were words, to Sir Alan's clarification that he was not Mary Poppins, we were reminded- if we had ever forgotten- why we love this show.
The first task comprised of selling fish, which before this episode, we thought relatively simple. However, as the boys mistook monk tails for turbot and sold lobsters for £4.90, we began to wonder if fishmongers are really far more intelligent than they seem.
This series, we have been treated to a Syed- clone by the name of Raef Bjayou. Well, as he pointed out in the boardroom, at least he didn't mistake sharks for hamsters! Events were far more exciting with Renaissance this week. The look on the customer's face as her seafood was bludgeoned to death with the wrong side of a knife was perhaps the highlight of the episode. The most ridiculous decision on the boys' side was to sell fish to an office full of solicitors.
However, in the end it was Nicholas de Lacy-Brown who received 'the big F'. We disagreed with Sir Alan's decision, if only because Nick dislikes football. The incorrect pricing was not entirely his fault- although perhaps he could have defended himself better in the boardroom. If we'd had to have fired him, it would have been for those sunglasses. However Alex did evoke some sympathy when he was called a pauper and 'uneducated' by Raef and Nick respectively.
All in all, it's a promising start for what we're sure will be another cringe-worthy yet unmissable series of The Apprentice.
Don't miss it: The Apprentice, BBC 1, Wednesday at 9pm, followed by The Apprentice: You're Fired! on BBC 2 at 10.30.